IndelB is a leading producer of refrigeration equipment. It offers mobile refrgerators for industrial and commercial vehicles as well as cars, boats and other recreational vehicles. High endurance and low energy use make them perfectly suited for travelling. The devices are equipped with Secop BD35F compressor known all over the world for its excellent performance, low noise emission and low energy consumption.

Sleepeing Well 1000 is a professional parking air cooler functioning with the car engine turned off. It is produced by IndelB, the world leading producer of refrigeration equipment for industrial use, trucks, yachts and busses. All truck manufacturers equip their vehicles with mobile rafrigerators produced by IndelB.The devices are headless with casing made of ABS plastic resistant to UV light and weather conditions. The main adventage of the device is minimum level of car battery use and voltage protection which ensures that enough electricity is left in the battery to start the engine.

The device maintains the required temperature in the cabin at night as well as during the day. It functions with ecological R134a gas used in almost every air conditioning system. The device is equipped with Secop BD350GH compressor known for its quality and quiet performance. The device can be installed on the roof or on the back of the cabin.

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